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VFPX Project Overview/Proposal

Instructions: Fill out each of the following sections. Then include any supporting files for the proposed project with this document in a zip file and email it to

Please note that commercial products, demo versions, or any project that does not include complete source code does not fall within the scope of VFPX and licensing will not be accepted.

What is the proposed title for this project?

What problem does this project address?

What are the goals of this project?

What programming languages or technologies will be used for/by this project?

Are there existing code, examples, or documents included with this project proposal? If so, please give a brief description of the files being included.

Are there any existing licenses, copyrights, or trademarks that this project would be subject to? If so, please explain.

Do you have any people interested in being the project manager or participating as developers on this project at this time? What type of resources are you initially anticipating?

Who should members of VFPX contact if interested in working on this project?

What release type is this project: Production, Release Candidate, Beta, Alpha, or Planning?

Is there any additional information that you feel is pertinent to this project?

What is your GitHub user name?