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Welcome to VFPX!

The code, classes, and libraries made available here are the result of a community-based effort to support and extend Visual FoxPro. Anyone can join-in, help and propose new VFPX projects for possible inclusion in the effort. VFPX members are fans of FoxPro and they give generously of their time, resources, and ideas to make VFPX possible. A debt of gratitude is owed to everyone that has participated or otherwise contributed to VFPX. Thank you.

VFPX Discussion Forum

For issues about specific projects, create an issue in that project’s repository.

For issues about VFPX itself, create an issue in the VFPX Issues repository.

Get Involved

VFPX is a volunteer effort in need of project managers, designers, developers, documentation specialists, testers, sales people, marketing, and visionaries. Determine how you can help and get involved. Plainly put, this is a significant part of the future of Visual FoxPro. You can decide if you are going to sit by and watch, or get involved. The more people who participate in this effort, the less each of us has to work to make it a success. Help get the word out!

If you want to get involved on one or more of the many projects included in VFPX, contact the project manager and let them know you are interested in helping out. The project manager knows resources required and roles needed on the project. You work with the project manager to determine the role you will play.

Promote VFPX

During the 2007 conference season Rick Schummer presented a session called “VFPX Tools and Components - Live.” During the session he asked how many people have heard of VFPX? Unfortunately, only 10 to 15 percent of the audience raised their hand. This revelation should not be a big surprise since it is estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of Visual FoxPro developers have some online presence in the various forums or community sites, read blogs, or attend conferences. So we need ideas and implement some marketing for this project so more VFP developers get turned on to VFPX. Here are some proposed ideas:

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