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VFPX Projects

Project Description Category Status
AddLabel Add custom label sizes to the New Label dialog in the Label Designer (XSource) Tool Production
Alternate SCCText New and improved version of source code control to text program Tool Production
Analyzer Provides a way to dynamically trace the structure and symbols in Visual FoxPro application files (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
Automated Build Automate your VFP application builds with extensions to CruiseControl.NET Tool Release candidate
Automated Test Harness Provides automated testing (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
Beautify Specify capitalization and indentation styles for code (XSource) Tool Production
Bin 2 Text Extension Better Visual FoxPro IDE integration with [FoxBin2Prg]( Tool Production
BlackFox Ease verbose code for modern language constructs like JSON notation, HTTP protocol by providing a Visual FoxPro grammar Component Beta
Builders Tools that aid in setting properties of controls on a form (XSource) Tool Production
CalendarCalc Provides a set of classes to perform specific calendrical processing tasks, help with internationalization, and build multicultural solutions Component Production
ClassBrowser View, use, and manage classes and their user-defined members (XSource) Tool Production
ClassBrowserX Standard VFP ClassBrowser with enhancements to the Export Code feature Tool Alpha
Code Analyst Tool to help your recognize refactoring opportunities by spotting bad smells you select Tool Production
CodeReferences Search for occurrences of code (XSource) Tool Production
Control Renamer Builder Builder designed to rename controls and reference to controls in the method codes Tool Production
Converter Converts files created in FoxPro 2.6 and earlier versions of VFP to the current VFP format (XSource) Tool Production
CoverageProfiler Provides analysis of coverage logs (XSource) Tool Production
CPZero Pokes a codepage byte into a database header (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
CSVProcessor Extends VFP capabilities of CSV file handling Component Production
ctl32_statusbar Replacement for VFP _screen Status Bar, or can be used on a form Component Release candidate
Cursor and Connector Properties Viewer Library for displaying and setting cursor and connection properties Tool Production
DataExplorer 3 Enhancements past the Sedna release. Tool Release candidate
DBC Low Level Functions A library for reading and writing values of all properties and objects without opening a database with OPEN DATABASE Component Production
DDEX Visual FoxPro DDEX (Data Designer EXtension) Provider for Visual Studio 2005 (Sedna) Component Production
DeskTop Alerts Outlook style alerts are popup windows to message users Component Production
Dynamic Forms Dynamically create forms from markup syntax. Component Production
EnvironmentManager Manage and organize environment settings for reusable development needs (XSource) Tool Production
ErrorHandler Provides a highly configurable and customizable error handler for any VFP application Component Production
ExcelXML Convert a Table or a Grid control into a Microsoft Excel XML Spreadsheet file. Component Beta
FastXTab A replacement for VFPXTab.prg that creates cross-tab tables and cursors Component Production
FFC Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 Foundation Classes Component Production
Filer Provides a file and text search engine without a user interface (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
FileSpec The descriptions of the table structures for .dbc, .frx, .lbx, .mnx, .pjx, .scx, and .vcx files (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
Finder Search tool to find names of files or classes in a project or folder. Tool Production
FoxBarCode FoxBarcode provides a tool for generating images with different bar code symbologies. Component Production
FoxBarCodeQR FoxBarcodeQR is a supplement of FoxBarcode only for QR Code. Component Production
FoxBin2Prg VFP 9 Binary to Text and Text to Binary converter. Replacement for SCCText(X) and TwoFox that is bi-directional (Text is editable) Tool Production
FoxCharts ActiveX-free charting leverages GDIPlusX Component Production
FoxcodePlus Visual Studio like extensions to Visual FoxPro IntelliSense. Tool Beta
FoxFaker Generates fake data for testing Tool Production
FoxISAPI Allows access to VFP Automation servers from any ISAPI supported Web server (VFP Tools folder) Component Production
FoxMock Mocking framework for Microsoft Visual FoxPro Tool Production
FoxPro.h Include file for commonly used constants in VFP (VFP home folder) Tool Production
FoxQueue FoxQueue is a queue implemented over array, using wrapping Component Production
FoxRegEx Performs validations on strings using Regular Expressions supported by VBScript Component Production
FoxStack Stack class which models and implements Stack data structure in Visual FoxPro Component Production
FoxStringBuilder Creates a mutable sequence of characters Component Production
FoxTabs IDE enhancement assisting developers working with a project and numerous open files Tool Production
FoxTypes Recreating C# static types in Visual FoxPro Code classes. Component Beta
FoxUnit Unit Testing in Visual FoxPro Tool Production
FRXTabs Data-driven mechanism to extend the VFP Report Designer Component Production
fxReports Community sharing of custom report features Component Alpha
Gauge Draws gauges in VFP applications. Component Production
GDIPlusX VFP 9.0 class libraries that wrap the 603 GDI+ Flat API functions of GDIPlus.dll Component Production
GenDBC Generates a program that can recreate a database (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
GenHTML Generates HTML from forms, labels, reports, and menus (VFP home folder) Tool Production
GenMenu Generates an MPR file from an MNX menu (VFP home folder) Tool Production
GoFish GoFish is an advanced code search tool for fast searching of Visual FoxPro source code. Tool Production
HexEdit Provides a way to examine address values, or examine or change byte and ASCII values of data in a file (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
iCal4VFP A set of classes to handle iCalendar objects Component Production
IntellisenseManager Perform IntelliSense management tasks (XSource) Tool Production
IntellisenseX Extensions to native Intellisense for field names, properties, local variables, and constants. Tool Production
JustBehave Extend the behavior of any VFP baseclass or custom framework class without additional code Component Alpha
Log4VFP Provides a VFP wrapper for the Log4NET diagnostic logging library Component Production
MemberDataEditor An easy to use front-end to manage MemberData (XSource) Tool Production
Microsoft Accessibility Browser (MSAA) Helps develop applications that are more accessible to people with disabilities, write automated test suites, or select and buy off-the-shelf test software (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
Multi-Select Combobox Provides the ability to select multiple items from a table/cursor rowsource into a single, character-separated (concatenated) value Component Production
My for VFP Exposes commonly used functionality in a hierarchy that is easy to discover and navigate (Sedna) Tool Production
Name Syntax Checker Verifies the correctness and controls the translation of a string into a syntactically correct name of a particular domain (the name of VFP variables or fields, the name of XML elements, etc.) Component Production
NET4COM A collection of COM classes that wrap a subset of the .NET Framework 2.0 (Sedna) Component Production
New Class Dialog Replacement Replacement for VFP New Class dialog with more features Tool Alpha
New Property/New Method Replacement Note: While this project isn't deprecated, its functionality is included in PEM Editor listed above. Tool Production
nfJson Provides a set of fast performance, reliable, and easy to use Json functions using pure VFP. Component Production
nfXML Provides powerful and simple to use functions to convert complex XML into a VFP (empty-based) object and vice versa. Component Production
ObjectBrowser Displays the classes, properties, methods, events, and constants available for COM object libraries (XSource) Tool Production
OOP Menu Project Object-oriented menus Component Production
OOP Reports Object-oriented reports Component Production
Organization Chart Displays an organization tree view. Component Alpha
overHere An SDK that wraps access to the resources of the location platform to easily integrate mapping and geolocation services and data into VFP applications Component Alpha
ParallelFox Parallel Processing Library for Visual FoxPro Component Production
PEM Editor Replacement for the native dialogs to add, edit and maintain properties, events, and methods Tool Production
PopMenu Project Owner-drawn object-oriented shortcut menus Component Alpha
Project Explorer A replacement for the VFP Project Manager. Tool Production
ProjectHookX Extendible projecthook class Tool Production
ReportingApps The default implementation of Visual FoxPro 9's Report Applications (XSource) Component Production
Ribbon Control A Microsoft Office 365-like ribbon control for VFP forms Component Release Candidate
Samples VFP samples (VFP Samples folder) Tool Production
SCCText Translates Visual FoxPro binary files into text equivalents and back (VFP Tools folder) Tool Production
Sedna Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 "Sedna" Add-Ons Component Production
SFMail A library to send emails from VFP applications Component Beta
ssClasses Library of useful classes Component Production
StripeX Provides a wrapper for working with Component Production
SubFox Seamless integration for Subversion source code control Tool Beta
Tab Menu Ribbon control generated from VFP menus Component Beta
TabbingNavigation Makes navigating through FoxPro the same experience as SQL Management Studio or Visual Studio Tool Alpha
Table Designer X Non-modal replacement for the VFP Table Designer Tool Planning
TaskListManager Keeps track of tasks (XSource) Tool Production
TaskPaneManager Displays links to useful information and dialogs for performing essential tasks (XSource) Tool Production
ThemedControls OutlookNavBar and other controls to provide the Outlook look and feel in your VFP app Component Production
ThemedTitleBar Replace VFP form TitleBar with modern look Component Beta
Thor Tool for managing add-on tools in the IDE (assigning hot keys, popup menus, etc); integrated with PEM Editor 7. Tool Production
Thor Repository A collection of IDE tools, accessible thru Thor, that have been written by members of the FoxPro community. Tool Production
Toolbox Displays items used in the creation of applications (XSource) Tool Production
Tooltip Improved tooltips for FoxPro forms controls, including multi-line Component Production
TwilioX Provides a wrapper class for calling to send texts Component Production
Upsizing Wizard An updated version of the Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 Upsizing Wizard (Sedna) Tool Production
UTCDatetime Provides an object to process UTC and local time exchange in Visual FoxPro, for all current time zones around the world. Component Production
VFP 9.0 Localization in French Provides a French-localized IDE and tools Tool Production
VFP 9.0 Localization in Russian Provides a Russian-localized IDE and help Tool Production
VFP 9 SP2 Help File Community maintained VFP 9 SP2 Help file (corrected and enhanced) Tool Production
VFP 9 SP2 Hotfix 3 Official download of Microsoft's VFP 9 SP2 Hotfix 3 file (KB 968409) Tool Production
VFP Grid ManyHeader Custom container to replace and extend VFP's header functionality Component Alpha
VFP Runtime Installers Provides downloads for the VFP runtime installers Tool Production
VFP2C32 FLL over Windows API Component Production
VFPClean When reinstalling VFP, make sure all core Xbase and other files are set appropriately (XSource) Tool Production
VFPDosPrint Generate text-based reports that can take full advantage of dot-matrix printer capabilities. Component Production
VFP Editors VFP Editors for SCX, VCX. MNU, PRG, and DBF files; also Table Browser and Project Manager Replacements Tool Production
VFPOAuth Performs OAuth authentication based on the OAuth 1.0a protocol. Component Alpha
VFPRegExTool Verify regular expressions visually & do replace operations using any VFP function - based on vbScript.regexp. Component Production
VFPTweetAPI A wrapper around the Twitter API with the purpose of accessing Twitter from Visual FoxPro. Component Alpha
VFPXTab Generates a cross-tabulation cursor (VFP Tools folder) Component Production
VistaDialogs4COM A collection of classes that provide access to the Windows Vista TaskDialog and Common Dialogs (Sedna) Component Production
Webservice Web service wizard (XSource) Tool Production
Win32API Provides documentation for calling hundreds of Win32API functions from VFP Tool Production
Win7TLib Integrate Windows 7 Taskbar Functionality into your VFP Applications Component Alpha
Wizards A collection of Wizard applications and productivity enhancement tools (XSource) Tool Production
XLSXWorkbook Read from and write to XLSX format files without any automation or export with support for full cell formatting Component Production
XML Library Set Extends the VFP XML processing capabilities Component Production
XSource Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 XSource Projects Tool Production
ZintBarcode Integration of a wide range of 1D and 2D barcode technologies in VFP applications Component Production
zProc, zVFP, and zCOM IntelliSense Scripts Customized IntelliSense scripts listing user-defined, DLL, and native functions and COM objects Tool Alpha

Other Open Source VFP Projects

This is a list of other open source VFP projects that aren’t part of VFPX.

Project Description
DBF to Any Export Export DBF to MSSQL, MDB, Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL CE
DT Class Classes for working with date or datetime
Editor Themes Modern themes for the Visual FoxPro 9 Editor
FoxDates FoxDates is a collection of helpful functions for working with dates and times in Visual FoxPro
Fox Pages Server Fox Server Pages is a Visual Foxpro multithreaded webserver
FoxSharp Domain-specific language for Visual FoxPro and C#
FoxyPreviewer Export your VFP reports to Images, RTF, PDF, HTML or XLS super easy! Send them by email! Enhance the look of your previews, and bring a new life to your APPs!
FoxyXLS Class Fork Export table/cursor to XLS version 3
Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro An Irreverent Guide to How FoxPro Really Works
INTL Steven Black's INTL Toolkit for Visual FoxPro makes creating international and multilingual applications easy
LINQ to VFP An IQToolkit Provider that adds the ability to use Visual FoxPro Data as a LINQ data source.
LockScreen Stack Class for managing value of LockScreen
Named Parameters The Named parameters utility for processing and checking input EXE/APP parameters.
Scrollable container Scrollable container
Serializable VFP object to XML Serializable object to XML
Stonefield Database Toolkit Provides additional functionality to the Visual FoxPro data dictionary
VFP Client for ADO.Net A wrapper for the .NET System.Data.OleDb classes.
VFP Entity Framework Provider An Entity Framework Data Provider that adds the ability to use Visual FoxPro Data as an Entity Framework data source.
VFP git utils Git utilities for VFP, designed to work within the Thor repository (Mike Potjer)
VFP Help Online The help for VFP 9 SP2 online
VFP System Variables Documentation for VFP System Variables
WMIQuery Query any Windows WMI Class using just a line of code